Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition
2020 | ödülsüz


The main idea of the design is based on the change of the topographic formation of Chawni Hill. The circular platform which is designed as the continuity of upper level of the land is the form of the building. This platform is both open to public use and also is the part of pedestrian pathway, which has a great view to Buddha Cliff and Shahr-i Ghulghulag. The building program is located under this platform. The ‘negative areas’ (holes) let the light in to interiors. Contrary to this space, “a box shaped” performance hall, which is the symbolic part of the program, is raised and exaggerated to its cultural meaning from the platform as a ‘positive element’. Another positive unit is the entrance block, welcoming the visitors and serving as a vertical circulation element of the center.

Bamiyan Cultural Center has varying spatial programs, such as exhibition, performance, education etc. Therefore different access points at different levels are designed for simultaneous usage of the building. An open amphitheater, which is added to the building program as a part of landscaping, is to emphasize the symbolic meaning of the buildings’ cultural existence by its frontal location. “A stepped street” which is the part of building circulation system, directs visitors towards lover levels, as well as reflecting/addresing local street typology.

Reinforced concrete, local brick and timber are used as the finishing materials of the building and whole building is designed as a part of the land. Bamiyan Cultural Center must be a modest building that never compete to Budha Cliff.