Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition
2014 | ödülsüz


Our design is based on the idea of “continuity” in varying levels:
1-Continiuty of urban form
The building is shaped by the continuity of near blocks.
2-Continiuty of urban green system
Green areas that are close to the site are stretched through the design and the green system was elongated towards the sea shore. The building is lifted up from the ground level and continuity of the green system is carried to the third dimension.
3-Continiuty of spatial atmosphere
The iconic ramp of Guggenheim New York (by F.L. Wright) was the inspiration within the museum hall for a memorial continuity.
4-Continiuty of material
Timber is used as the main interior material of the exhibition block. Pavements and wall/ceiling claddings will be made out of local timber, to form a plain, single material affect.
Other design principles and program solutions are also developed around the idea of continuity.
Ground level is organized to be the main entrance; where the shop, restaurant/cafe, multipurpose hall, loading dock, supportive and technical facilities are located.
Museum Hall is considered as a part of exhibition halls. Its form is attracting the visitors towards the upper level.
The main block which is lifted up from the ground like a cloud, includes the main exhibition halls, which are designed as generic spaces.